About AED 1 Hosting

Choosing a hosting company may seem easy enough – after all, there are hundreds if not thousands of hosting companies out there. For less than $3 a month you can usually find unlimited disk space and bandwidth with 99.9% uptime – what more do you need? It turns out, quite a bit more, actually.

Operating a web development, web hosting, and IT infrastructure company for over 15 years for our niche clientele we have seen the dirty side of the shared hosting ecosystem. We always wanted to provide a quality hosting environment for small business, but never got an opportunity to serve this business community until...

Why did we launch our “Start Your Digital Journey for just AED 1 A Day?
Since last few years, we have positioned ourselves as a complete digital transformation agency in Dubai. We did meet several small companies who wanted to start their social media campaigns, at the same time Dubai Govt. launched Smart Dubai Initiative and according to some survey and reports, there were around 65% small business in Dubai who didn’t have an online presence. (No websites, some social media, and just using the free emails by Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo. Not even using the free domain and web space provided by DED) That’s when we thought, we need to change and create awareness about digital presence apart from social media and we wanted to develop of a complete bundled solutions, which would be a painless effort for business users and individuals, and thus “Start Your Digital Journey for AED 1” was born.

The package is not limited to small business only, it could be helpful for someone looking or job, for individual professionals, for a CEO, for a Professor, for a Doctor, for anyone who would love to have a digital presence apart from the social media platforms. What is One-Page Website, and how does it look? Read More

Our Mission
The mission of providing AED 1 hosting along with a free domain, free SSL certificate, free one-page responsive website, branded emails, and other feature-rich hosting is to support the Smart Dubai Initiative of Dubai Govt.

AED 1 hosting is not a cheap web hosting environment you will see flooded in the hosting ecosystem, or oversold shared servers. AED 1 hosting is hosted on dedicated machines with cutting edge latest cloud infrastructure, and servers are rented from OVH Hosting Datacentres.

OVH owns and operates 27 data centers around the world, including 2 of the largest ones. More About OVH Hosting

According to IWS Survey in 2017, 98.4% of UAE population uses internet

Everything You Need is Bundled in AED 1

Here’s what you can do with 1 AED in Dubai, apart from getting yourself a website and an online identity from us. Some cafes in the UAE still sell tea for AED 1, Abra ride to cross Dubai Creek, buy an ice cream cone at Ikea / MacDonald’s

Average time spent online

As per statista survey, in 2015, people in the UAE spent an average of 225 minutes per day online on their mobile devices. They also expetced this to grow by 63 percent every year

Frequently Asked Questions

1Is there any hidden charges?
No, there are no hidden charges, though the price is excluding 5% VAT
2Is domains free for life?
No, the domains are free only the first year. Second year onwards standard domain charges apply
3Where is the server located?
Our servers are located around the world, primarily all the UAE based clients will be accessing the Frankfurt data centre servers.
4Can I add dedicated IP Address?
Yes, dedicated IP addresses are available for purchase. Contact support as we don't sell the dedicated IP online.
5Will my existing domains work with your package?
Yes, the current domains can be used with our servers without transferring the domains to our registrar. All you need to do is change the NS records. You can also host the local .ae domains with our hosting packages.
6Can I buy online or pay online?
Since our target audiences are not hosting techies, and to understand the right needs of the clients hosting requirement, we have not enabled online buying. Though we have online payment options.

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